Kurt Shore's music and lyrics always carry an emotional message. By narrating his personal journey in his songs, he speaks directly to the part of each of us that is searching for a connection to something deeper. Kurt has been writing songs since he was twelve. Inspired by the greatest songwriters and composers of the twentieth century from The Beatles to Bartok, Todd Rundgren to Ravel, The Police to Leonard Bernstein, Kurt weaves emotions into melodies and lyrics which are both thoughtful yet communicative. His music is deceptively simple, melodic, yet rich. His diverse musical background allows him to write in many styles ranging from pop to adult contemporary, neo-classical to dance, country to rock.

Kurt Shore was the founding partner in KAJEM Studios located in Gladwyne, PA., where he used his versatile talents to produce and arrange songs for artists in a variety of genres. (Kurt sold KAJEM to Boyz to Men.)

Produced and Arranged Top Ten Hit "Catch Me, I'm Falling" - Pretty Poison

Produced albums for
Latin act The Barrio Boys
R&B act Rodney Mansfield
Pop act Scot Sax and Wonderlust
Speed Metal act Kat

Performed piano on Cinderella's Multi-Platinum "Long Cold Winter" LP

Helped develop many regional Philadelphia acts for national exposure.

Talented in the ability to translate music, emotion and message for commercial purposes, under challenging deadlines, Kurt has excelled and brought a substantial competitive advantage to D4 Creative Group, one of Philadelphia's top 20 advertising agencies in which he is a partner.

Television, video, film, radio, interactive
   - Award-winning jingles
   - Corporate ID's
   - Branding
   - Scoring
   - Sound design

Kurt studied privately for 10 years under the tutelage of multi-instrumentalist and former Tommy Dorsey drummer, Jim Stanton. His focus of studies included:

   - Piano and Drums
   - Music Composition
   - Music Theory
   - Arranging and Orchestration
   - Performance Arts
   - Film Making

For more information contact Kurt Shore or call
D4 Creative Group at 215-483-4555.